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The customer is at the center of our thoughts and actions

Our daily endeavour as a manufacturer-independent and neutral company is to seek out and listen to the questions, wishes, suggestions for improvement, ideas and requirements of our existing and future customers. Matched with their complete satisfaction and our fairness, loyalty, transparency and honesty, we always strive to maximise customer satisfaction.
Equally important to us is fairness in our dealings with business partners and subcontractors, many of whom we have been working with for a long time. We maintain a good network of partners, which is essential for our success.

Our endeavours for the customer

PRO MSR Automatisierungs GmbH has built up a long-standing and excellent reputation as an automation service provider by completing projects on time and within the agreed cost and time frame and with sound expertise.
Our customers are international corporations, medium-sized companies, machine and plant manufacturers, consultants as well as planning and project management companies. We are deployed throughout Europe and in some cases worldwide.
Our employees - our most important asset
Der Mitarbeiter als das wichtigste Gut, eine von Wertschätzung geprägte Unternehmenskultur, Weiterbildung und Schulung sowie Gesundheitsschutz und Gefährdungsmanagement sind bei uns elementar.
Die Qualifikation unserer Mitarbeiter, ihre Ideen, ihr Einsatz und das Wissen im Bereich der Automatisierungstechnik sind die Garantie dafür, dass wir unseren Kunden herausragende Serviceleistungen anbieten können, die deren Erwartungen vollends erfüllen.
Goals and visions - our drive
We have ideas and visions for the realisation of future-oriented technologies.
The protection of nature and the environment, the resources of our world and the thought of future generations is fundamental and decisive for us.
Keeping our finger on the pulse - communication with customers, system suppliers, manufacturers and authorities and the associated development of new business areas - every day is a new day with new opportunities.
PRO MSR Automatisierungs GmbH
Sägleithe 16
95119 Naila / Germany
+49 (0) 92 82 / 14 37
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