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24 hour service
We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for service and customer service. Even if a problem arises outside of our normal business hours, we are there to help and advise you.
For safe and long-term operation
When it comes to the automation of your machines and systems, you need a reliable partner over the entire life cycle of the system who is available to you and your system even years after commissioning. The complexity of systems in terms of their degree of automation has increased noticeably. This trend will continue to increase in the future, e.g. customer demands for big data, predictive maintenance, digital twins, etc. They need a partner who shares their vision, develops themselves further and strives for the goal of the "transparent machine or system".
Our services
Customer service
A system control is only as good as the subsequent support from the supplier. We offer information, assistance and error analysis from an expert (no hotline or call center) to the operator/service personnel on site via telephone, e-mail, Skype...
If these means are not effective, or even directly on request, we offer on-site system support through our maintenance, service and troubleshooting service.
Remote access/remote services/alarming/logging
Remote service is a process by which technical services are provided at a remote location using telecommunications networks. The main focus of Remote Service is on proactive services and multimedia communication. We use an integrated system to access the components of your machine or system for troubleshooting/analysis, system optimization and increasing availability. Check the data of your system via a web browser - directly with your smartphone or tablet. All data and statuses that are available to you as an external signal or as a value in a control system can be evaluated and monitored with the corresponding portal. Alerts can be generated via e-mail, SMS, etc. Log operating data directly in the portal and create your own report.
24/7 service
With us, service begins with the first phone call. A system problem knows no time of day, weekend or public holiday. We know how important it is that our service is available around the clock. To this end, we offer our customers corresponding service availability contracts with defined services. The basis is our 24/7 availability, not the service of an anonymous call center. With us, you also have a specialist on the phone outside of normal operating hours. This ensures that there is no time delay in the event of a sudden system downtime and that the right questions can be asked and initial concrete measures discussed during the first contact.
Adjustment and calibration of measuring devices and measuring sections
In the life cycle of a system, calibrations of measuring chains and their management play an important role in maintenance. It makes sense to develop individual calibration management solutions. The EU and German GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and their US equivalents from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulate the quality assurance of production processes and their environment in the production of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients, as well as cosmetics, food and animal feed. The requirements also take into account the calibration of measuring equipment and logging measures in order to make processes reproducible and fully traceable. We not only comply with GMP and FDA regulations and requirements, but also align our activities with the regulations and needs of our customers.
Expansion, conversion and modernization of existing systems
Give us your task, idea, consideration or requirement - we also work on systems and machines from third-party manufacturers. We are your partner for tailor-made and customer-optimized individual solutions.
Optimization of systems and processes
The transparent person has long been a reality. Whether this is a good thing is doubtful. On the other hand, the "transparent machine or plant" is definitely worth striving for in terms of production safety, minimizing downtimes, resource and environmental protection. The "transparent machine or system" is possible!
Plant simulation / Digital twin / Employee training
A digital twin is a digital representation of a process from the real world in the digital world. It is irrelevant whether the counterpart already exists in the real world or will only exist in the future. The operator of a machine or system wants a digital twin in order to qualify operation and maintenance and to plan and secure optimizations and migrations. A digital twin is "worth its weight in gold" for the planning and testing of a software solution, pre-commissioning, employee training and qualification over the entire life cycle of a system... Contact us, we have been working successfully for many years in this area with our simulation system "WinMOD" from Mewes + Partner on such solutions.
Predictiv Maintenance
Predictive maintenance learns from historical and possibly real-time maintenance-relevant data. This and the prediction of future events make it possible to answer the question "What will happen when?". We strive for more transparency and predictability of events in our existing and future customer solutions. We read out cyclically relevant, e.g. quality-relevant or influencing data from your system and compare it with defined process parameters. A measured value that gets out of hand, a changing plant situation or similar is documented and a reaction is generated when the defined limits are exceeded. A monthly status report, for example, can serve as an additional tool for your life cycle documentation. Talk to us, we are looking for forward-thinking partners for joint goal setting.
Protection for machines and systems in automation. The networking and digitalization of the world continues to advance. Of course, this also applies to all areas of production. This challenge, known as Industry 4.0, also requires "secure integration" in addition to the actual technical implementation tasks. Industry 4.0 means being able to use data and therefore information at any time and any place. Such availability will result in many opportunities, i.e. information and its networking will become an important production factor. In the course of such a process, company boundaries will - and must - fall, because product development chains are also cross-company. If you realize this fact, it quickly becomes clear that the task of "security" is leaving the purely office-based world and posing new challenges. The term "availability" thus takes on a different dimension. If the e-mail program fails for half a day today, it is inconvenient, but not life-threatening. Such a production outage would currently spell disaster for all supply chains. Security is therefore an important basis or "guard rail" for Industry 4.0. A holistic view of the system landscape is essential and indispensable for this. Many partners need to be brought together for this, from developers, automation specialists and operators to users, etc. The important task of management is to integrate security awareness among employees as part of their daily working life. Talk to us, we are happy to provide a considerable part of the chain of observation.
Examples of optimizing existing systems before / after
Vor der Optimierung
Nach unserer Optimierung
Vor der Optimierung
Nach unserer Optimierung
Vor der Optimierung
Nach unserer Optimierung
Vor der Optimierung
Nach unserer Optimierung
Vor der Optimierung
Nach unserer Optimierung
Nach unserer Optimierung
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