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Electrical /
Control engineering

PRO MSR Automatisierungs GmbH plans and develops
customised hardware concepts, taking into account customer specifications and official requirements. Well planned is half built!
Electrical planning is a fundamental task when creating or converting an automation solution.
We attach great importance to a long-standing, proven partnership and trusting relationship with our switchgear manufacturer.
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This is where you determine at an early stage which components, systems and processes will later control your machine. This is an elementary phase that can lead to considerable restrictions in the later functionality and reliability of the control system if planning is incorrect. If the hardware is not powerful enough or unsuitable for the application, the later software solution will also reach the limits of what is feasible.
PRO MSR Automatisierungs GmbH plans and develops customised hardware concepts, taking into account customer specifications, compliance with required standards and guidelines as well as official requirements and, last but not least, the high level of expertise of our employees.
We supply everything from a single source.
Based on the electrical planning documents we have prepared, our partner company builds the corresponding switchgear and carries out the assembly and installation on the machine or system. We provide project support and coordination as the interface to the customer or client.
The final quality and function test of the switchgear or the entire installed automation hardware is carried out by our own personnel. The corresponding test documentation is standard practice.

Our service

  • Development of suitable hardware concepts taking into account the subsequent software application
  • Creation of electrical planning documents (circuit diagrams, parts lists, terminal and cable diagrams)
    on the in-house ECAD system
  • Selection and delivery of automation components (actuators/sensors)
  • Coordination and handling of switch cabinet construction and electrical assembly
  • Documented testing of the switchgear before delivery and of the entire installed automation hardware/installation at the customer's premises
PRO MSR Automatisierungs GmbH
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