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Simulation / -testing

By integrating a recognised and powerful software simulation environment of the "WinMOD" type from Mewes + Partner at an early stage, we achieve a very high level of software quality at a very early stage, both during coding and during the subsequent integration test of the software in the office.
The WinMOD system replaces the real system to be controlled with a virtualised system with behaviour simulation in real time. The visualisation of signals, reactions and time sequences makes the behaviour transparent and perceptible - better than in reality. The possibility of direct interaction turns the user into a participant. The system can be replaced by virtualised systems either completely or in parts on an automation system.
The WinMOD system combines the virtualised system with the automation system to create an integrated, operational system for an automated machine or plant.
The utilisation goal determines the content of the WinMOD projects in WinMOD systems. The content ranges from simple test environments to virtual devices and machines to complex systems in the manufacturing and process industry.
We are a long-standing partner of Mewes + Partner.
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